If you're looking for an easy way to change the look of your bedroom, try making an upholstered headboard. It's very simple to do, and it's inexpensive. Mine took about an hour to make, and cost about $25. All you need is some wood, foam or quilt batting, fabric to cover it with, and a staple gun to hold it all together. 
    First, determine how big you want your headboard to be, Remember, if you are going to hang it on the wall behind the bed, you can measure the space above the bed the you want the headboard to cover. If you are going to attach it to the back of the bedframe, make sure you account for the wood you will need to attach it.
    If you have plywood at your house, just cut it to the size you need. If you don't live in a lumberyard, and don't have a saw to cut your own, Home Depot and Lowes will both cut wood to size. If you're going to purchase the wood, check the scrap section at the hardware store to see if they have any large scraps you can use at a major discount. I got a huge piece of plywood for $3, and the guy even cut it to the exact measurements I needed. 
    Then, choose the fabric you want. Make sure you get enough so that you can pull it around the edges of the wood and staple it to the back. I used an indoor/outdoor fabric because it's easy to wipe down when the kids decide to have a juice fight on my bed, but you can find some really nice upholstry fabric if you're willing to pay for it. Fabric stores also sell upholstry tacks, and buttons, if you're fancy.
    Also, decide whether you want to use foam or quilt batting. I didn't want mine to have the overstuffed look, so I went with quilt batting. If you use foam, make sure you have an adhesive to stick it to the wood. 
     If you want to use upholstry buttons, drill holes in the wood where you're going to put them, so you can anchor them to the back of the headboard. 
    Now, all you have to do is put it all together. If you're using batting, lay out the fabric, front side down, and lay the batting on top of it. Then put the wood on top of the batting, pull the fabric and batting tightly around the edges of the wood, and staple it in place. If you're using foam, use a spray adhesive to attach the foam to the wood. When it's dry lay the fabrich out, front side down, and then put the foam and wood on top of it. Tightly pull the fabric around the edges of the wood, and staple it in place. Add any upholstry tacks and buttons, and then step back and marvel at the piece of art you just created.
    I hung mine on the wall. If you can hang a picture, you can hang a headboard. Or you could also attach it to the back of your bedframe. BOOM. Headboard.

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